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Natural juices


Natural juices

Natural juices from Armenia

Our natural juices are made of choice fruits, berries and vegetables growing in Armenia and are remarkable for their excellent taste qualities. Due to the unique manufacturing technology and a specially developed formula, our natural juices do not contain sugar, stabilizers, preservatives, dyes or other harmful chemical additives.

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The company "SAM-HAR" offers a wide range of natural juices of aromatic and delicious fruit grown in Armenia: vitamin-rich pomegranate, sea buckthorn, grape, apple, peach, tomato, apricot juices, as well as juices of tropical fruits - mango, multi orange juices. Our natural juices are famous not only in Armenia, but also abroad, since first of all we appreciate the high quality and ecological compatibility of products manufactured by our company, and we try to keep to modern standards and requirements of the production process and to make our prices for each customer as accessible as possible.


The company "SAM-HAR", with its "Sipan" trademark, is one of the famous natural juice producers in Armenia. As it is known, in order to maintain good vitality, vivacity and wonderful health the human body needs vitamins, minerals and other beneficial trace elements, which abound in natural and ecologically pure Armenian juices.