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Fruit Purees from Armenia

Fruit purees are made of one or more ingredients. Currently, "Sam-Har" company produces 3 types of pureess: apricots, peaches, plums. The company can also produce pureess of cherries, cornels, pomegranates, quinces, apples by request.
After all stages of production, ready-made product is exported abroad in special containers ( 200-liter metal barrels filled with aseptic foil bags). Fruit puree is used both for baby food natural juice production and pastries as a raw material. The fruit puree is also widely used in medicine as a means of regenerating, nourishing and cleansing the body. It is easily digestible food, whose frequent use supports immune system strengthening. Fruit puree can be served separately as a dessert or garnish with different meat dishes as well. The higher is dry nutrients /brix/ quantity, the more nutritious and useful fruit puree is. Thus, SAM-HAR peach puree brix index is around 11-13, for Armenian apricot puree it is 14-16, while for the apricot grown abroad it is only 9. 
"Sam-Har" company offers its consumers high quality Fruit Purees made of pomegranate, peach and apricot, which maintain their unique taste and usefulness due to the newest technology used in the production. For obtaining the best product, selected fruits are slightly stewed in order to separate shell and stone. After this stage, fruits are squeezed and transported to a boiling tin through special conveyer. During the process, dyes and other artificial ingredients are not added to SAM-HAR's products, which allows to use them widely in baby food as a raw material.