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The main stages of the production of canned vegetables

Canned vegetables are very popular at any time of the year, because they can be used both for adding to various salads and for use as side dishes. Canned vegetables are made from both whole and pureed, chopped vegetables.
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Top 7 best types of jam from Armenia

A huge number of fruits and berries are grown in Armenia, which are healthy and very tasty. Jams in Armenia, surprisingly, are made not only from fruits, but also from eggplants, rose petals, etc.
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Production and processing of vegetables in 2021, Armenia

Armenia is a sunny country famous for its abundance of vegetables. Vegetables in Armenia are consumed both raw and canned, pickled and dried. An Armenian feast is unthinkable without all kinds of vegetables: eggplants, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, corn, onions and potatoes and much more. Many vegetables in Armenia are exported to various regions of the world.
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